If you have any questions about how to buy and care for your FloorLove carpet - we’ve got the answers!

Frequently asked questions

Do your carpets have a warranty?

FloorLove Carpets has a 2-year warranty against all types of manufacturing fault and will investigate any complaint raised of this nature. There is also a 2-year guarantee against delamination and pile reversal on all ranges. In any of these instances, the complaint will need to be confirmed by an Independent Inspection in situ (arranged by ourselves), at which point we will offer a one-time replacement.

What are the different types of carpet fibres?

100% wool yarns create a beautiful high-quality durable floor covering – it is the most luxurious carpet fibre.

Wool blend carpets are usually made up of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres.

The most commonly used carpet yarn blend is 80% wool, 20% nylon. The mix combines the softness of wool with the strength of nylon to create a durable yet beautiful carpet yarn.

Another widely used blend is 80% wool/ 10% nylon/ 10% polyester. This mix combines the best properties of super fibre wool with the durability and strength of synthetic fibres nylon and polyester.

Where can I buy a FloorLove carpet from?

We have a network of professional retailers across the UK who stock our beautiful wool carpets. Simply visit our "where to buy" ( section, enter your postcode or click on the "use my location" function and you’ll get a list of your nearest approved FloorLove retail centres.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

Regular cleaning will help to keep your FloorLove carpet looking great!

What backing do you use?

All FloorLove carpets are backed with the pioneering eco-friendly Envirobac system. Envirobac is a lighter weight backing offering numerous advantages. It is super-strong, energy-efficient, effluent and emission-free. Its lighter weight and flexibility makes the carpet easy to handle and limits damage to wallcoverings/décor - it is also easier to transport and fit.

Can I order free carpet samples?

We are committed to offering free carpet samples, after all pictures can only tell part of the story. To see how FloorLove carpets look and feel before you decide, select up to six carpets from the extensive selection on this website and we will send swatches free of charge directly to your address.

What vacuum cleaner do you recommend?

Opt for a vacuum cleaner that has brushes or a beater bar if you have a cut pile carpet. Or, for loop pile carpets, one without brushes or a beater bar is best.

How can I get rid of indentations in the carpet?

Compression marks caused by heavy furniture or castors will usually recover in time and can be improved by gently brushing. Make sure that the underlay provides adequate resistance to compression as a soft deep underlay can cause the carpets to permanently distort under heavy point loading. The use of castor cups is recommended.

Can I install FloorLove carpets over underfloor heating?

All of our carpets are suitable for use over underfloor heating when combined with an appropriate quality underlay.

Which underlay do you recommend?

All FloorLove carpets should be installed using appropriate good quality underlay and by professional installers in accordance with BS5325 or the NICF ( All accredited FloorLove stockists will be able to advise on usage and supply or recommend an approved installer.

Moth promise

We will replace your carpet in the first 2 years (one-time replacement) via the retailer subject to satisfaction that the carpet has been cared for with regular vacuuming.

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