Cleaning advice

Keeping it clean

Download a copy of our carpet care guide and find lots of helpful tips so that you can be sure to keep your carpet looking great!

The most important thing you can do to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it carpet regularly from new. For cut pile carpets we recommend an upright vacuum cleaner with a cylindrical brushing action, or a cylinder vacuum cleaner with a power brush attachment. For loop pile carpets, it’s best to use a cylinder vacuum cleaner without a brushing action or an upright machine with the brushes raised or turned off.

Regular cleaning will help to keep your FloorLove carpet looking great. Here are a few simple tips to care for your carpet:

  • Opting for doormats at the entrance to your home will help to trap grit and dirt, preventing it from entering the home and staining your carpet.
  • In the first few weeks of having your carpet, vacuum as much as possible, ideally daily. This will ensure that loose fibres are removed, preventing them from working their way into the surface. Regularly vacuuming also not only helps to prevent unwanted dirt from working its way into the carpet fibres but also helps to keep the tufts of your carpet upright, maintaining the soft, brand-new look for longer.
  • We recommend opting for a vacuum cleaner that has brushes or a beater bar if you have a cut pile carpet. Or, for loop pile carpets, one without brushes is best, or raise the beater bar as any abrasive action could result in pilling.
  • Use scissors to trim any piece of carpet fibre that stands out above the surface to the level of the other tufts. Do not pull it out, this can cause irreversible damage to your carpet.
  • In the event of a wet spillage, fluid should be blotted with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible, working from the outside in and never rubbing.
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