Lucinda Kidson home transformation with FloorLove

13 February 2024

Lifestyle digital creator Lucinda Kidson has a passion for classic interiors, lifestyle and styling and documents the renovation she is making to her beautiful home in London over on Instagram as @our_wandsworth_home.

It’s so exciting being able to share our renovation journey with you. Not to sound cliché, but our new carpets from FloorLove truly were the icing on the cake. There’s something about getting new carpets that just makes the whole home feel, well…complete. When I first came home to see the carpets for the first time in the bedroom and living room, it genuinely felt like I was stepping into a new home again. A new carpet brings so much fresh life into a space. For us, personally, we waited a while to get new carpets, as we wanted it to be the final piece of the renovation puzzle. There was no point getting new carpets whilst we were still undertaking labour-intensive, messy projects like; panelling, painting and adding wallpaper. What did make sense, however, was knowing that once the new carpets were installed, we finally could feel like the home was finished. We also get a lot of traffic on our carpets from having three fur babies and friends/ family coming over a lot – so our previous carpets truly had nothing more to give. They were looking tired, tattered and worn – and made the home feel a bit lifeless. I often think that you can spend a load of money on décor, fancy sofas, beautiful lights… but if your carpet looks tired, it just stands out like a sore thumb. A carpet just strings everything together. It’s almost like the centrepiece of the room that keeps everything in check.

So, why do I love our FloorLove carpets so much? Firstly, the quality is gorgeous. The foot-traffic in our home hasn’t slowed down by any means since our new carpets, and, honestly, the carpets still look as new as they did the day they were installed. A carpet genuinely is a worthwhile investment – so please do make sure you’re going for an option that stands the test of time, like ours clearly do. Secondly, the carpet is THE perfect neutral colour. If you’re like me, and are constantly changing around your décor and colour scheme… then you want a timeless colour that can adapt to any changing interior taste. The carpet goes with any colour I throw at the room; green, pink, white… you name it – it just WORKS and blends seamlessly. I really am beyond happy with our FloorLove carpet. They are a great company with a great ethos, and it’s been brilliant to see the quality of the craftmanship that goes on behind the production of these beautiful carpets.

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